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SUBJECT WIZ610wi router connection/ and Client mode setup
NAME Bertrand Lague DATE 2010-07-09 HIT 3281

Well,well,well this is what i was afraid, you answer me nothing who can help me.

About this:
One thing about the connection to the router, when i connect my portable to my router a pop-up window
appear to ask me the wireless key, it's something the WIZ610 should send automatically, i didn't see a
serial command for that.

What wireless key you thing i typed in the pop-up window if i can see my portable in the wireless client connection window of my router ?.

And like i said i can't see the WIZ610 module in the wireless client connection window of my router.

Look what is the answer to the command to verify the WIZ610 connection.
<RC> Answer: <S0>  Connection Status(0:Not Connect, 1:Connect)

but what is not clear about the doc. if this command can tell you only a connection to a TCP server.

This is the reason why you should have application note it can show exactly the right serial command in the right order.

I wait again for help, you need to help me realy more than that, and how it's possible you do not have more AN(application note) about the WIZ610 ?.

Your next answer will teld me what i will do with your product.

I show you all the congiguration red by the serial commands:

<RF> Answer: <Sv1.1.20>                                @Firmware Firmware
<RA> Answer: <S000.08.dc.14.aa.2f_100.08.dc.14.aa.30>  @MAC Address(0:Ethernet MAC address, 1:Wireless MAC address)
<RI> Answer: <S192.168.1.254>                          @IP Address
<RS> Answer: <S255.255.255.0>                          @Subnet Mask
<RG> Answer: <S0.0.0.0>                                        @Gateway IP
<RD> Answer: <S1>                                                  @DHCP Server On/Off(1:Enable, 0:Disable)
<RH> Answer: <S192.168.1.2_192.168.1.100>              @DHCP Start/End IP addr
<DL> Answer: <S>                                                      @Wireless Active Client List
<RL> Answer: <S192.168.1.2_00265e5e541c>               @DHCP Client list
<RV> Answer: <S0>                                             @DNS Server On/Off(1:Enable, 0:Disable_DNS Server IP address)
<RT> Answer: <S1_192.168.1.254_255.255.255.0_192.168.1.254>  @WAN Port(0:Static, 1:DHCP Client, 2:PPPoE, 3:PPTP)

<DB> Answer: <S0>                                      @Wireless Band(0:11b+11g, 2:11b, 3:11g, 6:n, 9:b+g+n)
<DO> Answer: <S3>                                      @Operation Mode(0:AP, 1:Gateway, 2:AP+WDS, 3:Client)
<DS> Answer: <SWIZ610wi>                               @SSID(1~32 chars) Ex:<SWIZ610wi>
<DC> Answer: <S0>                                      @Channel(Auto=0 or channel 1 to 13)
<DW> Answer: <4>                                       @WDS(1:Master,2:Slave,_count_MACaddress_Comment[_MACaddress_Comment_...])
<DP> Answer: <S14>                                     @Tx Power(0:off, 1-16: power(dBm),)
<DR> Answer: <S0>                                      @Data Rate()
<DH> Answer: <S0>                                      @Broadcast SSID On/Off(0:Enable, 1:Disable)
<DM> Answer: <S1>                                      @WMM On/Off(1:Enable, 0:Disable)
<DA> Answer: <4>                                       @MAC Access Control(0:Disable,1:AllowListed,2:DenyListed[_count[_MACaddress_Comment)
<DI> Answer: <SWIZ610WI_0025017591a4_1_77_WPA2-PSK:cocosecur_001ee5608336_6_15_WEP:BELL357_001d5aca4cd1_11_29_WEP:lineb_001b11546971_4_3_WEP:BELL604_002650b75f11_4_4_WEP>  @Site Survey(SSID_BSSID_Channel_RSSI_Security)
;- SSID            BSSID        Channel  RSSI  Security
;- SWIZ610WI       0025017591a4 1        76    WPA2-PSK: My routeur
<DN> Answer: <SWireless__AP>                           @Alias Name(Max Length: 29bytes)
<QP> Answer: <S0>                                      @Module Status Checking(Conn_status: 0:unconnected, 1:connected connection status_SSID_BSSID_CHAN_RATE_RSSI)

<DU> Answer: <S7_3_2_0_0_TestForWIZ610>  @AuthMode,Encrypt,KeyLength,KeyFormat(WEP),KeyFormat(WPA-PSK)

<RK> Answer: <S0>                        @Protocol(0:TCP, 1:UDP)
<RM> Answer: <S0>                        @Mode(0:Client, 1:Mixed, 2:Server)
<RX> Answer: <S192.168.0.100>            @Server IP address
<RP> Answer: <S7>                        @Port(0~65535)
<RB> Answer: <S58001>                    @Baudrate_DataBit_Parity_FlowControl_Stopbits
<QT> Answer: <S20>                       @Time(0~65535)
<QS> Answer: <S0>                        @Size(0~255)
<QC> Answer: <S00>                       @Char(0~FF)
<QI> Answer: <S0>                        @Inactivity Time(00~60)
<RC> Answer: <S0>                        @Connection Status(0:Not Connect, 1:Connect)

Hello Bertrand Lague,
Thank you for your interest to WIZnet and our products.
At now, we just have WIZ610wi user guide, webinar only for guide material.
And about the wireless key, if you set the  <GU7_3_2_0_0_TestForWIZ610> then it means
the wireless key is "TestForWIZ610".
The WIZ610wi use that key when it connect to wireless network.

I'm stuck about the TCP client mode after many many hours of test,  i can connect the WIZ610 to my router.
First i began my test in AP(default config module) and i'm ebable to connect my portable
to the module, and with internet explorer i can read/modify the WIZ610 config module.

Second i tested many serial commands with succeed.
And i tried to use WIZ610wi in Client mode and i can't saw the WIZ610 connect to the wireless window client connection of my router, but by the serial command <DI> i can see my router network and more network.
<DI> Answer: <SWIZ610WI_00250175c43f_1_77_WPA2-PSK:cocosecur_001ee5608336_6_15_WEP:BELL357_001d5aca4cd1_11_29_WEP:lineb_001b11546971_4_3_WEP:BELL604_002650b75f11_4_4_WEP>  @Site Survey(SSID_BSSID_Channel_RSSI_Security)
- SSID            BSSID         Channel  RSSI  Security
- SWIZ610WI       00250175c43f  1        76    WPA2-PSK: *** MY ROUTER
- ...
- BELL604         002650b75f11  4        4      WEP

I set the SSID equal to the one use by my router.
<DS> Answer: <SWIZ610WI>

I set the security control with <GU7_3_2_0_0_TestForWIZ610>
With the command <DU> what i saw is correct
<DU> Answer: <S7_3_2_0_0_TestForWIZ610>  @AuthMode,Encrypt,KeyLength,KeyFormat(WEP),KeyFormat(WPA-PSK)

After i switched the WIZ610 in Client mode by the serial command <GO3> i can see by <DO> the active mode is Client.
<DO> Answer: <S3>   Operation Mode(0:AP, 1:Gateway, 2:AP+WDS, 3:Client)

Like i said i'm stuck have you some examples files it can show each step/serial command used
to put the WIZ610 in mode TCP client(how to set the local ip addr/port,... and remote the ip addr/port,...
to access a tcp server) and the serial command to connect the module to the router in wireless mode.

One thing about the connection to the router, when i connect my portable to my router a pop-up window
appear to ask me the wireless key, it's something the WIZ610 should send automatically, i didn't see a
serial command for that.

I red WIZ610WI_User_Manual_Eng_V1[1].7.pdf/webcast_3rd_session.pdf or tried the web seminar, but nothing help me about that, you should have examples files with the exactly serial command to use for each mode we can use for the WIZ610, i hope you have something.

One last thing i used your WIZ812MJ and i can connect it to a tcp server, and i wrote my own
firmware in assembler something rare now, everything work well.

Sorry if my english is not easy to understand.

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